Saturday, February 26, 2005


Originally uploaded by pomgernate.
These are the ex dolphins! and they are in it for the dolphin sex. find them on the msu facebook.

Photo: Mr. Jiskra.


Gino said...

Hey, is that dude to Libby's left in Electrical Engineering? It's hard to tell from the picture, but I think I "know" him. Anyhoo, I'm a stealth blog-checker and I check this thing out like every other day. Join the Ginocide forum if you're ever bored.

Jon Kipp said...

Hey, nice blog man. you've insipired me to make one of my own. needless to say, your site is one of my links.

Khalid said...

Yes, gino that kid next to libby is definitely an engineer. he is doing grad work in telecom right now though. his name is john jiskra.

and Jon i am freakin' excited about your new blog. i am trying to figure out how to mess with the template on this blog and as soon as i do that i will be albe to put your link in the side bar.

peace and love