Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bejing 2008

The New York Times is one of the first things I see when I roll out of bed. Like clockwork I crack open my laptop, check my email and read the headlines on the NY Times front page. I am sure many of you read about the American cyclists who caused international unrest by wearing masks when they arrived at the airport. Apparently they were "scolded by the United States Olympic Committee for embarrassing their Chinese hosts".
Initially, I was surprised at the Chinese response to these elite athletes protecting their lungs but after a little research I can see how they would be offended. China has made great efforts to reduce pollution for the athletes. The Chinese have made were forced to make major lifestyle changes in order to reduce the pollutants in the air to more acceptable levels. The growing number of people driving in China and consequently all the cars idling in traffic jams are the biggest contributors to such elevated carbon monoxide levels. This article has a cool animation about the dramatic decrease in carbon monoxide due to driving restrictions.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Men in Skirts

Photo: NYC 2008, Me in my new Skirt 

I am absolutely hooked on Google Reader! It is one of the best methods for satiating my information hunger but that is just another post for a different day. On my Google Reader feed I am subscribed to The Sartorialist and a few weeks ago Scott Schuman made a post about "men in skirts". Not unlike most of the other post on this blog this one has over a hundred comments about everything from the above / below the knee debate to whether the world is ready for men in skirts. I say the world has been ready for men in skirts for a whiel.  Men wear skirts  all over the world. It is about time we bring the trend over to the west.
I grew up in Punjab among both men and women in skirts. You say skirt - we said lungi. Lungis are worn all over South Asia and even in parts of the Middle East. Nothing is more comfortable than a loose cotton garment when the sun is blazing. 
My friend just got back from Yemen and brought me back a futa. Futas or Ma'awiis are the Yemeni version of the lungi. I wore mind around Manhattan yesterday and on my drive back to Michigan. I bared dumbfounded stares as I stepped out of the car at gas stations all across the north east. I don't care how many people stare, this is the MOST comfortable garment I own. Men in skirts = Revolution

At this occation a perfect song comes to mind. CHECK IT

Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 Years Time

Noah and the Whale: 5 Years Time

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Most mornings on my commute to work I encounter at least one disgruntled driver. Either they lay on their horn to get me out of their way or yell the typical "get on the side walk!" line. Only if I had the time to stop them and have a long "Same Road, Same Rules" conversation. Usually I just keep on biking quietly and it is already a bad start to a happy day.
This morning was an exception because a guy in a huge car stop next to me at a red light and was unexpectedly nice. He asked me about my commute and how I put my bike together. A few seconds later the light turned green and we both turned opposite ways. He renewed my faith in Mid-Michigan drivers.

Saturday, August 02, 2008