Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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Someone has taken us out to dinner almost every night of the week. Tonight we went to a beautiful restaurant here in Islamabad. There was live tabla with a grand piano, you guys would have loved it.
I saw my first Macintosh since I have been in Pakistan. This guy had a powerbook. that reminds me I still have to buy Tiger.
I visited our village recently. It was some great photo opps.

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PS thanks to my cousin for letting me use her computer.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


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My brother, my cousin and I drove to a city called Muree (the Colorado of Pakistan). No matter where I am the mountains call my name. beautiful...

I have been asking my Grandfather and my Uncle to get me to meet Gen. Musharraf and I don't think it will end up happening. He is in Saudi Arabia right now enjoying the Prince's company. I did see the Prime Minister's motorcade drive by us at 90mph. Three black Mercedes and lot of police.


Thursday, June 23, 2005


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Life in Pakistan is wonderful. The heat is definitely testing how true I am to my roots. 30 people died yesterday because of the heat and summer is just getting started. You should be happy to hear that I am not letting it hold me back. I went for a 10 mile bike ride through the rolling hills of Islamabad a few days ago.

I am blogging from a cyber cafe, or should I say "DSL cafe". There is a huge INTEL INSIDE sign outside and I feel like a I shouldn't be here. Inside there are small cubicles and they already have an ashtray and matches ready. This is a smoker's paradise.

It is really annoying to be waited on constantly. The servants don't let you do anything. Today was the first time I stepped in the kitchen and I was trying to make an omelate and people came running and snatched the pan from my hand. We only enter the dining room when food is ready and everyone sits down and people wait on you, for every freakin' meal! I am not used to this lifestyle anymore, but I guess I should enjoy it while I am here.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Oh yeah
I shaved my head
i look like vin disel except i have no muscles and i have a beard. annnd every day i wake up i realize that i am the smallest pakistani kid in the world.


BACK in Pakistan

It is such a great feeling to be back here in Pakistan. As soon as we landed all these great memories came back.
-no speed limits
-smooth highways
-"too good" replaced by "awesome"
and best of all no one asks me where I am from

I am using my cousin's computer and everyone is downstairs. So I should probably head back. I definitely miss all you guys.

Friday, June 17, 2005


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On the way to Makkah from Madina my brother, my father and I started our Umrah. The Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage compared to the well known Hajj. All the men wear two pieces of seamless cloth, one around the waist and the other over the shoulders.

Tomorrow will be our last day here in Saudi arabia and then we will move on to Pakistan. Even though we are all excited to meet our family in paki-land, no one really wants to leave saudi arabia.

I also met a guy from Kashmir (indian side) today. It was one of the most engaging conversations I have had since I have been here. I am sure it is really frustrating for him to see no resolution to this drawn out issue.



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Did a little shopping here in Makkah last night. My mom was buying some clothes for her friends at this shop. They only had women's clothes so the shopkeeper gave me a chair while I was waiting. I guess i look like a saudi shopkeeper at a women's clothing store because everyone walking by kept asking me prices.
People come here from all over the people. Most of the residents of this city know six languages or so.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

arabian nights

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It took almost 26 hours to get to the hotel in Madina from Rochester. Of course I had to go through the special treatment at the american airports. When we got to Saudi Arabia the person who was supposed check our bags was busy sending text messages, so we just walked through. It feels good to be among other people with dark skin and beards.
So far we have spent 2 nights in Madina and two nights in Makkah. The weather is absolutely perfect, about 90 deg. I am a little nervous about Pakistan because it is supposed to be 110 degrees there. People are really friendly, both days I was in Madina someone took me out for chai. I am getting a little addicted . . . If you talk to someone for 5 minutes they will probably offer you dates and chai.
I have been taking some fun pictures and I can't wait to show them to you guys. I saw a guy reading the Quran in Braile today. It is hard enough to read arabic in print and this guy was reading faster then me using his fingers.

I love the desert!

Saturday, June 11, 2005


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PHOTO: scan of 5 riyals

After such a wonderful week in East Lansing it was hard to leave, but the Middle East is calling my name. The next two days will be pretty hectic. Our flight leaves DTW at 6am (sunday) and then after a 12 hour layover we will be heading to Saudi Arabia.
Right now it is in the high 90 deg in Saudi Arabia and 100+ in Pakistan. These temperatures should be flip flopped.
I am taking the macintosh with me, so hopefully I will be able to log on and updated this blog pretty often throughout this trip.
You can also expect me to come home with 8 rolls of great pictures (hopefully!!).I am so excited.