Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lock your bike

PHOTO: Autumn 2006

It is sad that people have to be so cautious of locking their bikes here in East Lansing, MI. As far as American cities are concerned, we have more than the average number of people biking around town. I have heard horror stories of people leaving their bike out for ten minutes and getting it stolen. I have been the victim of such crimes twice in my last six years as a student. Why can't everyone just follow the biker-code and not steal! I hate carying my bike lock around.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Silence of Good People

(Inducted into the National Civil Rights Museum)

It once was asked of Martin Luther King
How the progress of rights could be so long coming
His answer was not the evil of some
But the silence of good people

Although we may never arrive in the garden
The sin is not in failure, but never starting
My silent friend, it is you that I am speaking of
Of the silence of good people

We, we will not be silent
We, we will not be silent
We will not be silent

Although we have only hearts, bodies, and minds
Against guns and clubs, lies and threats and money
When the truth is released, each echo comes louder
On the voices of good people

We, we will not be silent ...

I've taken my place on the streets of our land
With my sisters and brothers by the tens of thousands
And I have sweet hope, because I can hear
The rising voices of good people

We, we will not be silent ...



We will not be silent.mp3

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Out of the loop

You may have heard of the much anticipated release of Playstation 3 this holiday season. It seems to be the ultimate gift for this year, even with it's $600 price tag.
Last year, when the Xbox came out people stood in like outside every possible Best Buy and Circuit City store to get there hands on the game consoles early, but this wasn't the motive for all the overnight campers. Some people cashed out on this 'pot of gold at the end of the rainbow', but putting it right up on ebay for anyone who may want to pay top dollar to get the system early. This year is no different, but like many other people I wanted to cash in on the game too.
So, for the last week or so I have been planning this out with my brother and reading all the in's and out's of getting the game system when it comes out and selling it on ebay.
Today, I noticed I had missed a few phone calls from my brother and I called him recently to find out that he is already in line . . . 30 HOURS BEFORE IT COMES OUT! I had no idea the effort involved in getting a Playstation earlier than others, nonetheless a $600 game system. I was planning on sleeping outside for the night and going home in the early moring with a new playstation 3, but there is no way I can sit in one spot for more 30 hour!
No biking
No running
just being still. . .
that would just be impossible, or maybe i am just bitter that I was the only person out of the loop.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

photo: Chai 2005

I was brought up in a culture where daily life is punctuated by people gathering around a pot of chai. Even the cricket matches have a designated break for tea. So, now that I am older, I am drawn to different types of tea from around the world. About a year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to gun powder tea. It is a green tea originally from China, although now it is seen all around the Asian continent. In English, it is known as gunpowder tea because every single leave is rolled to a small black pellet and as you steep these pellets they unwrap "exploding" with flavor.
I recently received a packet of this tea as a gift and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. If you get a chance to try this tea, don't pass up the opportunity.