Friday, September 29, 2006

can you dig it?

Photo: Jim's Trek is probably faster

I recently got a refresher course on the The Theory of Relativity and I didn't really even have to drudge through Einstein's On the electrodynamics of moving bodies . I love it when science teaches me lessons on the daily happenings of life. Einstein says;
For if the magnet is in motion and the conductor at rest, there arises in the neighbourhood of the magnet an electric field with a certain definite energy, producing a current at the places where parts of the conductor are situated. But if the magnet is stationary and the conductor in motion, no electric field arises in the neighbourhood of the magnet. In the conductor, however, we find an electromotive force, to which in itself there is no corresponding energy,

I had a problem with my computer recently and I was acting like the proverbial magent in motion and was only paying attention to the current around myself. I will spare you the time and not purse this drawn our analogy. My friends always critisizes me when I do this. But it wasn't until, late yesterday evening I noticed (at work)that there are people living in very close proximity to me and as I am engulfed in my annoyances they are trying to find food for their children and a safe shelter to rest their heads. It was a real wake up call. Sometimes the macroscopic frame of reference is the only way to look at things.

... just like the little magnet..... aaaaaahhh never mind.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

2nd Ramadan 1427

Photo: Saudi Arabia '04
Yesterday marked the first day of the month of Ramadan according to the Islamic calendar. I drove home just to get in the mindset of fasting and usually it is easier to do that with family. There seems to be a unique aura in the Muslim community around this time. People wake up before the sun comes up, food is cooked and we eat an early breakfast, people observe the religion meticulously and then of course the meal at the time of Maghrib (sundown). Although, fasting is the only obvious part of this month, there is a lot more to fasting than just not eating food.
Muslims use this month as a time of spiritual reflection and pay attention to the inside instead of devoting so much energy to the outside world. Once this month starts I am always amazed by how we tend to plan our days around meals and other worldly concerns. Then, one day all of that is gone and it is a lot easier to make a more spiritual connection with God. Food is not the only thing a muslim has to refrain from during this month. One must abstain from "food, drink and other sensual pleasures" where they may be readily available. One could be walking around the house and although no one else may be home he/she has to keep from eating food. This kind of will power strengthens their faith. Every year, when this month comes around I find a new way it makes me a better person.
I found this website about how non-Muslims can help fellow co-workers or friends during this month who may be fasting. The following is a list from this site.

How non-Muslims can help during Ramadan:

Companies, schools, hospitals, etc. can help their Muslim employees, students and patients during the fast of Ramadan in a number of ways:

Since the employees are on a fast, they might find it more difficult to handle strenuous tasks. Assignment of lighter duties in some cases would undoubtedly be deeply appreciated by Muslim employees.

"Special consideration can be given to such things as requests for vacation time, the need for flexible early morning or evening work schedules and lighter homework assignments." For example, working the day shift during Ramadan would enable the employee to break their fast in the evening with their families, and to attend evening prayers.

"It is also very important that Muslim workers and students be given time to attend Eid prayers at the end of Ramadan. Eid is as important to Muslims as Christmas and Yom Kippur are to Christians and Jews."

"Hospital workers should be aware that injections and oral medications might break the fast. Patients should be given the opportunity to decide whether or not their condition exempts them from fasting." 2

A small token such as an Eid card or baked goods given to a Muslim co-worker or friend during Eid ul-Fitr would also be greatly appreciated. These cards cards are available from Muslim bookstores, or can be sent online. 4

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Death ride 2006

Headin' East
This past weekend my friend Jim and I left for Ann Arbor, MI from East Lansing, MI on our bicycles. It was about a seventy mile ride and we flew through it. I had recently watched the movie Cars and it made me think that although highways are efficient, people miss out on such beautiful scenery as they cruise at 75mph on I-96.
After a much needed shower and a great night of sleep I biked on to Rochester Hills, MI (another fifty miles). Thanks to American Automobile Association I was able to call them up for a nice route avoiding the highways. Most of the trip was empty roads and peaceful scenery. We biked by many horse stables, kennels, farms, lots of cows, very small down towns and by lots of corn.

I also want to plug the this wonderful website (via maggie)
Anyone can draw out a bike route and share with others. I have a few routes on there and will soon be adding this last long ride.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Le Miewx

Le Miewx ran away!
but then we found her.

Sometimes we need to loose things / people to realize what is missing in our lives.