Tuesday, September 13, 2005

can you dig it?

No matter how many bikes I research, nothings seems better than the Trek X01. I was looking into buying a sugar glider because I really needed a pet in my life, but unfortunately it seems like a bike would be so much more fun. This is such a tough decision. You decide.

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katie mo said...

obviously you should buy the bike. that's a no-brainer, dude.

Khalid said...

I have been looking at pictures of bikes constantly for the last few weeks. It is really fun to fall in love with material things, even though I feel guilty about it. I think if I am good with money I can get one by end-november.

WILDRUBY said...

if you did get a sugar glider, you really need two. I have been told that they like to stick together in the wild.

Sarah said...

I vote for two sugar gliders! Think about how much love those cute little things would give out...a bike can't do that.

Amber said...

I'm with Sarah... sugar gliders first, everything else second! :)

Khalid said...

I wish you would have said that earlier. I got gerbils instead and I am saving for this REDICULOUSLY beautiful bike.
The sugar glider idea hs been postponed.

peace and love