Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Death ride 2006

Headin' East
This past weekend my friend Jim and I left for Ann Arbor, MI from East Lansing, MI on our bicycles. It was about a seventy mile ride and we flew through it. I had recently watched the movie Cars and it made me think that although highways are efficient, people miss out on such beautiful scenery as they cruise at 75mph on I-96.
After a much needed shower and a great night of sleep I biked on to Rochester Hills, MI (another fifty miles). Thanks to American Automobile Association I was able to call them up for a nice route avoiding the highways. Most of the trip was empty roads and peaceful scenery. We biked by many horse stables, kennels, farms, lots of cows, very small down towns and by lots of corn.

I also want to plug the this wonderful website (via maggie)
Anyone can draw out a bike route and share with others. I have a few routes on there and will soon be adding this last long ride.



Julie V said...

Sounds wonderful! Who knew AAA could be handy for bicyclists as well?!

Khalid said...

I had to be deceptive and pretend I was going to drive that distance.
Initially, they were confused why I didn't just want to take the highway.
I feel so 007

Julie V said...

Sooooo sneaky.

Angela said...

now every time you drive the stretch going 70, you'll recognize lots of little things you never would have!