Monday, October 09, 2006

tag me

Photo: OSLO in detroit 2005

A few of my friends and I recently visited the local laser tag joint for a game of virtual war, with laser instead of bullets and big blinking vests instead of bullet proof jackets. We were in a room of 28 other kids all under 13 years of age and I could see the fear of death in all their eyes. As I walked in this dark room these kids started running to the 'bases". They had this two floor maze all mapped out. It wasn't much longer till I was back outside in the real world and the laser tag staff printed out a sheet data on all the people I tagged with my laser and so on and so forth. Unfortunately all of these KIDS had done way better than me in every category.

I am on a mission to get better at laser tag because these little rascals will NOT beat me next time.
wanna join me next time I go??



Julie V said...

Only if we bring Phil and Pam too!

Khalid said...

oh man.
I can't imagine phil with a laser gun!!!
Do you think we should set up an ARC, laser tag event???

Ian! said...

Dude, lazer tag rules. You can count me in.