Monday, July 02, 2007

Mountains beyond Mountains

I just finished reading a book; "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder. It is a great narrative of the life of Dr. Paul E. Farmer and his efforts to fight TB in the developing world. Coincidentally, yesterday I saw a NGO here in Karachi and they provide free care for people with TB and leprosy. I talked with a physician there for a long time about the services they provide and how they get by with such little funding. It is so refreshing to see such an organization in Karachi. The health care system for some of the lower class neighbourhoods is in bad shape. I wish I could have taken pictures but it would have been impossible do so while protecting the patients' privacy.
The physician was so happy to see someone back in Pakistan to do research. I recommended the book to him and I think everyone in the public health sector should read it.


time is flying by here


Maggie said...

hey i am happy about the good news of internet service!!
have you finished a fine balance as well??

Khalid said...

yeah i finished that too. Did you read it?
gosh what a sad freakin' ending.
Now, I am reading a book set in Karachi.