Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pete's dream

So one of my friends just told me that he has been dating Paris Hilton for the past few weeks and has since totally changed his impression of her. I guess in real life she is a really down to earth and even a little insecure. He said that he feels really comfortable hanging out with her and they have had great conversations. Since, my friend lives in Michigan, Paris has been visiting frequently and they even had to share a room with his brother for a few nights.
Of course, I asked the obvious questions about what he thinks about the paparazzi and the constant media attention and he said that he hasn't had to deal with it as much lately. It is incredible how easisly the media can distort our opinion of a person. I hope them the best of luck in the land of z's.


Ian! said...

That is absurd, dude.

Khalid said...

hahahah I know