Saturday, June 14, 2008

What was lost is found

Photo: Parma, Italy 2007

“At that age, it’s one of the worse things in the world to wake up and not see your bike where you left it.” -- 50 Cent, on the theft of his childhood bike.

I totally empathize with fitty because for some reason things like to get stolen from me. A couple of days ago, I was sitting at my desk and I got a phone call from the police regarding my bike. They said that they had recently impounded a bunch of bikes that were stolen by the same person. The Raleigh was included in this bunch but the story gets even better. Some other person then tried to steal my bike from the police impound lot!
I left work early and rushed to the police impound to pick up my bike. They had stored it in a special impound lot with walls that were double the size of the other ones. I know I should be mad but it is kind of flattering that my bike was appealing enough to be stolen twice. BAM!!

I got the bike back home safely and it is in pretty good shape. I noticed some pretty long scratches and the thieves cut my leather seat. I am happy to be rejoined with my bike! Thanks to the PO PO.

OH YEAH, while my bike was gone I bought another one. :-D

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