Sunday, September 21, 2008

Am I a PC?

In their new ad campaign, Microsoft is trying hard to disabuse the coffee sipping, tree hugger, dirt worshiper stereotypes about Mac users. Regardless of how hard Microsoft tries to get rid of these perception about Mac users, it doesn't change that fact that when I walk into a coffee shop everyone but one or two people have a glowing apple behind their laptop screens.

Cognitive Daily is an interesting science blog about peer-reviewed journal articles on psychology. The Friday edition of this blog is called Casual Fridays. For a change of pace they conduct incredibly UNscientific surveys of their readership to set straight all kinds of questions. Last week the casual Friday blog was about whether we lost more sleep over the 2008 republican national convention or watching Micheal Phelps at the Bejing Olympics. This week they tackle the mac-head stereotype. Check it out here.

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