Thursday, April 09, 2009

Communal Fruit Bowl

A few weeks ago my friend shared a Planet Green article about starting a communal fruit bowl at work. It is incredible how much coffee we consume during a workday, so I thought a bowl of fruit may offer a much healthier distraction. There is nothing like a crisp apple.
I brought up this idea at work and one of my co-workers offered to let me use his wood shop for making a bowl.

The fruit bowl is a big hit and this is how I made it.

After a piece of walnut was cut in half and we put the two pieces through the planer.

Jon getting me comfortable with the table saw

All these pieces were cut at a 60 degree angle.

At the end of Day-1. Check out my face guard. ROCK!

All the pieces glued together

A view from the top before we put it on the lathe

After a half hour on the lathe, the bowl started taking shape



Anonymous said...

that is frigin amazing. who taught you how to do it??

Khalid said...

I was really impressed with the results too.

I had a wood shop class when I was in middle school, so I was familiar with all the machines. My co-worker has made bowls like this before so he guided me along the whole way.

Anonymous said...

man, i took woodshop too, but all i made was an off balance, mis sized, unfinished bookshelf and a clock. :P

bugsy said...

that's incredible. i'd really like to make stuff like that.

Esperanzita said...

You did an amazing job!! I want one too!