Sunday, December 05, 2010

Double Exposure

When I was about 16 years old my Dad gave me his 35mm SLR camera. It was my most prized possession. I was always composing photographs in my head and I kept thinking about how lighting would work in various situations. Buying and developing film became an expensive hobby. Every shutter release was costing me a quarter. . . click click click. Twenty five cents per photo was a lot of money for a teenager, especially because I was shooting so frequently.

There was a point where it wasn't financially irresponsible to keep shooting film. Eventually I had to succumb to digital photography. Regardless, I never abandoned film. Here are a few photos from one of the best rolls I have ever shot.

I shot these on my Olympus XA using Ilford Delta 100 film. After shooting this roll once, I unwound it, put it back in the camera and shot it over again. The roll was developed under 3 heavy comforters (a make-shift dark room) at my friend Jeana Dee Allen's apartment. I was overjoyed with the results.







khadeeja said...

love love the shots...

Khalid said...

Thanks Khadeeja!!!

Did you see the guy on a boat in the 3rd picture? He is in the middle of the photo.

khadeeja said...

yeah i see him...LOL...awesome results...

Christian Jackson said...

Hey man!

I stopped by your website to personally thank you for commenting on my "Red Riding Hood" poster over at, but now I find myself scrolling through an endless steam of beautiful photos, and short, but wonderfully worded posts. You are very talented my friend. All the more because your abilities precede digital. Your work is gorgeous, your posts are a great read and your dad does sound like the coolest guy on the planet. Thanks again for sharing your 2 cents on my work. Glad to meet you... virtually.

P.S. Is that an actually a sugar glider on your shoulder? Awesome!

Hope said...

Interesting process...sounds like a fun project.

Dani said...

Lovely shots