Thursday, May 26, 2005

Green House

Green House
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PHOTO: Green house North of Kedzie on the Michigan State Univ. campus (2004)

This past weekend I was in Rochester and I decided to wake up at 6 am one morning a till up two 5X30 rectangles of land for a vegetable garden. For five years in the past I kept up a vegetable garden but there was a two year lag in the middle. So it felt like that land was ready for some plants.
I recommend Uncle luke's nursery on South Blvd. & Livernois (in rochester, MI). Their plants are certified organic and you can opt to buy manure instead of miracle grow (side note: if you are going to use Miracle Grow, you might as well go to kroger and buy all your veggies). dang, that kind of sounds like I am being a garden snob....
If you need help working on your garden call me. There is still time to plant lots of things.


P.S Xtina has a blog now! it is called "X in the city"

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