Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bring on the Summer

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The last few days have been pretty active. I moved everything out of the paki pad (Akers) and distributed the potion between the Asher house and Roch. I will be living in E.L for the first half of the week and for the second half I will be in Rochester, and then rinse and repeat this over the summer. It is an honor to be living here at Asher because only Christian Scientist are allowed. I guess the Muslim card helps out in some situations. Snap crackle

Today, I moved in to 417 Bailey (Asher) and got to help libby move out her 3 car loads of stuff. Meanwhile, I inherited a few sweet t-shirts, a foot massager, a wind fan with streamers, flash cards, Q-tips, soap, a small transparent GI-Joe and candles .

After, a wonderful sushi dinner at OMI, I did some the foil kite flying at bailey park. I enjoyed it a lot and I think I want to get the T-Foil Kite Surfing Training Foil before I go to Pakistan. Kite flying is huge there and I would be the coolest kid at the park if I whipped this out. Of course this is a huge hint for anyone who wants to get me a present before I leave for Pakistan . . . . Please!

PHOTO: Get ready for the ANUAL COLORADO TRIP 3, happening in AUGUST!


Melissa said...

so you DID put the boob pic up. i feel kind of violated.

Khalid said...

The world needs to know about the legend that is MELISSA AGUILIZZAR.

Lets seriously work on this august trip thought. it was so much fun last time. We can do it all on here so everyone knows about what is going on.

Melissa said...

hmm yes perhaps you are correct. what august trip? YOU HAVE TO STOP LEAVING ME OUT OF THINGS!
;) jk

Khalid said...

You know how last year we went the 2 weeks before school started. I think we should do that again. More people would be able to go. i.e MEAT can go.
let me know what you think of this

Khalid said...
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