Friday, July 08, 2005

Around the world

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Photo: Riyadh Airport

Islamabad to Riyadh (~3 hours)
layover (7 hours)
Riyadh to Jeddah (1 hour)
layover (1 hour)
Jeddah to JFK (12 hours)
layover (6 hours)
JFK to Cincinnati (2 hours)
layover (1 hour)
Cincinnati to DTW (1 hour)

I am BACK ! The trip back was long but we made it all fun and games. At the New York airport we found a small massage store. I gave the shopkeeper a massage and ended up getting a FREE half hour session. Good times...
When we got back to our house I was AMAZED to see how beautiful my garden looks. Our neighbor has been watering my veggies. The plants are HUGE.

P. S. Imran mamu thanks for escorting us all the way to the plane. We already miss everyone back home


deluca said...

wow that flight schedule is a little intense...did you at least get to see some good films on the way back?

it was good to see you yesterday, i heard a rumor you had been at beggars and were coming back but ALAS you never showed.

Khalid said...

Yeah man, I was at beggars for a while and then I realized that it is midnight and I had to move my car out of the street. When I got back to my place I put on some sweatpants and got really comfy. I plan on coming out this Friday though, so that will be fun times.

Oh yeah! I saw the movie Robots. It is an animated cartoon and I definitely recommend it.