Saturday, July 16, 2005

Give H2 a new meaning

I surfed over this website and it gave me new hope for what's to come of this world. Imagine cars running on Hydrogen or should I say H2 and emitting no more than water out their tail pipes. A few General Motor's engineers have put together this beautiful machine. People are investing a lot of money into similar projects. This gives the US hope to be independent of foreign oil. Click the picture below and tell me what you think!!



Julie V said...

LOL, Khalid, this is just like every third entry in my LJ!

We just hafta make sure they use renewable resources when they're making the hydrogen.

Khalid said...

Julie V!!!
i think people are all about ethanol now. One of the big three have already started production on a line of them.

i should get an lj account so we can be real friends.