Thursday, November 17, 2005

Don't be a cow

Photo: This is what I think about Michigan weather.

Who will win the next Nobel Peace Prize?
11:4 Viktor Yushchenko
7:1 Bono
14:1 Colin Powell
16:1 Bob Geldof
20:1 Ravi Shankar
25:1 Hugo Chavez
33:1 Pope John Paul II
250:1 Tony Blair and George Bush

VIA: The Atlantic Monthly


Julie V said...

I thought the odds for Bush and Blair would have been a little worse...

Where can I find a bookie for this? :)

Irum said...

thats a sweet picture. :)

Khalid said...

Julie V: I read that the Atlantic Monthly has become a little more conservative since the last change in Editors. But they are still pretty much in the middle compared to some other publications.

IRUM: Thanks! Notice how I am replying to your post.... ok good.

Irum said...

update ur blog...