Saturday, November 05, 2005

Take me for a ride

PHOTO: by Adil
This motorcycle took me for the sweetest ride around the hills or Rochester. My brother's friend let me take it out for a spin and I think I was gone for way longer than they expected. It was crazy to ride the same streets as I used to ride RHONDA THE HONDA (CBR F4i), brought back some of my greatest memories. Of course, it was NO comparison to the insane power Rhonda had, but two wheels are ALWAYS better than four. GOSH! i miss motorcycles so very much.


Anonymous said...

that is probably the nicest shirt that i have EVER seen, the pants too, and oh yeah, nice bike ;)

Khalid said...

Thanks yo!
That was a fun ride. Especially because I was wearing a t-shirt on a motorcycle in the month of November.
what a rare luxury . . . atleast in Michigan.

Amber said...

Khalid -

I spoke with Sarah last night on the phone for awhile, and we are throwing around the idea of me coming for a visit again soon.

When she told me that she was meeting you for dinner I wished I could hang out too.

We'll do it again soon, Promise.