Friday, March 10, 2006

road tripin'

PHOTO: (Left to Right) Bugsy, Devin, Me, and Kevin

I have been back from my mini spring break trip for a few days now and it is such a drastic change of pace. Just a few days ago I had now worries in the world and SLAM I am right back into it again. Kevin and I have been planning this trip to visit X for a while now. We considered almost every mode of transportation from train to catching a flight and in the end making it a road trip was the most economical. It cost us about $40 round trip to visit the east coast. On the way there we drove over night and on our return trip we left and noon and arrived back to Michigan late at night. Even though, driving during the awake hours wastes a day it is seemed to go by quicker because we were all awake.
Christina and Devon were amazing tour guides. We ate food at great restaurants, saw the American Museum of Natural History, MoMA and explored many random open doors. Now that I have a better idea of how the city works it would be nice to make a visit during the summer.


Anonymous said...


- Vis

Anonymous said...

what was your absolutely one favorite thing about nyc?

being mice elf again said...

Summer trip to NYC? I like that. That should happen as well any other European adventures that come about!

bugsy said...

it will be one of the most memorable times in college! it was a lot of fun buddy! thanks for the memories.

Khalid said...

Absolutely favorite time was the MoMA. I could easily spend another full day there.

Libby: I was thinking maybe between may and june (when you leave for europa) we can have some US travel time???

Bugsy: Thank you for the ride and the good times, there will be many more to come.