Friday, March 03, 2006

Boris and Yeltsin

PHOTO: Yeltsin one of the gerbils

Off to NYC

Good bye Boris and Yelstin

Kevin, Justin (Bugsy), Devon, and I packed up Bugsy's Ford escort wagon and headed for NYC last night. We left at 5 pm and drove into Manhattan at sunrise. Everything ran pretty smoothly and we didn't get lost on the way here. Today I will be in Union Square and for brunch with all these cool kats. Look for updates.

Our car had:
4 iPod
2 laptops
4 amazing cameras
and 4 gangstaz ahahhaha


Julie V said...

Hope you're having a great time!

Khalid said...

I am at the apple store
in Brooklyn

i miss you guys

Julie V said...

We missed you last night at the ARC!

Anonymous said...

Have a pleasant trip Khalid.


Irum said...

are you going to update or what?!

Khalid said...

sorry sorry,
I have to develop my film before I post. The anticipation is intense. I don't live in the world of instant gratification (digital photograhy), so things are a little slower.