Friday, June 09, 2006

garden 2006

I took this picture in Istanbul, Turkey on a street with a bunch of gardening stores.

I finally planted my vegetable garden and it looks beautiful. I was able to find some organic plants at Uncle Luke's in Rochester. Learning from last years lessons, chicken manure works like a charm. Granted the weather in Michigan was perfect for gardning last year, I have the give some credit to the chicken poop. A few years back deer ate almost all my plants. So, I use a mixture of rotten eggs to keep away deer and rabbits. Unfortunatley, I got some of this stuff on my hands and I don't know how to get rid of the smell. eek


Irum said...

MY Fav pic! :) btw- ill get back to u on how to get that deer smell off your hands. lolz

Julie V said...

I doubt your hands STILL stink but if it happens again, try washing them with soap, hot water, and a bunch of salt. This works for onion odors, at least.

What veggies are you growing this summer?!

Anonymous said...

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