Monday, June 19, 2006

green green green

PHOTO: grass makes it way through. e.lansing,MI
I have been in NYC for the last week or so and blogging has definitely taken a hit because of it. I drove here and worked with Kevin at Xeroflor for the first few days. Xeroflor installs green roofs on top of both commercial and residential buildings. They donated a beautiful greenroof for a residence in Manhattan. The roof will be on Good Morning America and in Good Housekeeping magazine. I found a short story about the people we worked for on Good Housekeeping's webpage, but keep your eyes open for pictures of the roof (maybe even one of Kevin and I flexin' muscles). Also, check out this site to learn a little more about what a greenroofs, and maybe you can even put one on your house.
It was nice to have free meals and a hotel (even though the room was just about a foot wider than the queen size bed, I have no complaints). Today, I will be visiting a school around here and I hope it is everything I have expected.

much love/thanks to X for the accommodations.


Julie V said...

You treehugging hippie! :)

Khalid said...

I hate trees! hahahahha just kidding

PS I think my sister, you and two other lovely friends are the only people who read this blog
but it is all good in the hood

maggie said...

khalid i really love love love this picture

Khalid said...

Thank you so much maggie.
I didn't think much of it, but I like it a lot more now that you like it.

maggie said...

this is seriously one of my favorite pictures. it is so great and amazes me so much!!! you got skillz

Anonymous said...

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