Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lock your bike

PHOTO: Autumn 2006

It is sad that people have to be so cautious of locking their bikes here in East Lansing, MI. As far as American cities are concerned, we have more than the average number of people biking around town. I have heard horror stories of people leaving their bike out for ten minutes and getting it stolen. I have been the victim of such crimes twice in my last six years as a student. Why can't everyone just follow the biker-code and not steal! I hate carying my bike lock around.


Gino said...

I saw this and thought of you. Random, I know.

Khalid said...

Hello sir!!
Thanks for thinking of me, that shirt is bad ass. I have a stencil almost identical to it.

How are you? what is new in your life? how is music?

on that note, can you introduce me to some new sounds?

Gino said...

Things are going well. The band is doing very well. We're still earning our keep and paying our dues, and it's a slow process, but we're making headway.

New sounds, eh? I haven't discovered any "new" bands recently besides Wolfmother, but some ol' favorites have released new material. I can recommend the following:

Isis (psychedelic, ambient, experimental metal) - Panopticon (2004), In the Absence of Truth (2006)

Mastodon (stoner rock/metal) - Remission (2002), Leviathan (2004), Blood Mountain (2006)

Made Out of Babies (frenzied hard rock, female vocalist) - Trophy (2005), Coward (2006)

Neurosis (intense, ambient, experimental stoner rock/metal) - The Eye of Every Storm (2004)

Clutch (badass rock) - Robot Hive / Exodus (2005)

Pelican (instrumental, ambient, psychedelic) - The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw (2005)

Wolfmother (throwback rock) - Wolfmother (2006)

You should be able to latch onto something in there. Keep up the blogging. I'm a frequent reader, infrequent commenter.

Khalid said...

you made my night, thank you so much.
I will slowly aquire these cd's though a network of friends.

Thank you so much for reading! If you are doing any shows in EL or detroit area let me know.


Maggie said...

i really like these pictures, did you take them in east lansing?

Julie V said...

I think the bikers are following the biker code of not stealing. It's non-bikers who steal bikes. I mean come on, have you ever tried to steal a bike while you're ON a bike?! I don't think it can be done.

Libby said...

I will not steal you bike. :) Only your candy when you're not looking.

bugsy said...

great detail shots

maggie said...

chico, it has been far too long since you have updated your blog!