Thursday, November 16, 2006

Out of the loop

You may have heard of the much anticipated release of Playstation 3 this holiday season. It seems to be the ultimate gift for this year, even with it's $600 price tag.
Last year, when the Xbox came out people stood in like outside every possible Best Buy and Circuit City store to get there hands on the game consoles early, but this wasn't the motive for all the overnight campers. Some people cashed out on this 'pot of gold at the end of the rainbow', but putting it right up on ebay for anyone who may want to pay top dollar to get the system early. This year is no different, but like many other people I wanted to cash in on the game too.
So, for the last week or so I have been planning this out with my brother and reading all the in's and out's of getting the game system when it comes out and selling it on ebay.
Today, I noticed I had missed a few phone calls from my brother and I called him recently to find out that he is already in line . . . 30 HOURS BEFORE IT COMES OUT! I had no idea the effort involved in getting a Playstation earlier than others, nonetheless a $600 game system. I was planning on sleeping outside for the night and going home in the early moring with a new playstation 3, but there is no way I can sit in one spot for more 30 hour!
No biking
No running
just being still. . .
that would just be impossible, or maybe i am just bitter that I was the only person out of the loop.


Irum said...

hahaha.. ur hilarious! so did adil bhai get it then??

Julie V said...

You capitalist monster.

Khalid said...

yay! for capitalism hahahha
just kidding

Vissu said...

I am sorry Khalid. I could not get back to you. I will mail you soon!

Got busy with work and life.