Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh, the joy of driving

My brother flew out to sunny California a few days ago and gave me the keys to his brand new car. I have been cruising around town and enjoying the power of a spunky little engine under the hood. On the other hand, this wonderful experience has solidfied in my mind that I should never buy a new car. Curving around sharp corners and whipping around other cars is way too fun for my simple two-wheeled life.

Often, I take online quizzes to calculate my ecological footprint and usually I am pretty happy with the outcome. Driving around as much as I have lately almost doubles how many resources I use. So I am goign to stick with my trusty old Buick for the long trips and bike the rest.


Maggie said...

or you could get a really sweet car, drive it fast and far, and offset your emissions :o)

Khalid said...

I was listening to a story on bbc about how attractive it is for bigger corporations to be carbon neutral and that a lot more of them are doing it.



update! you havent since last year ;o(

Bugsy said...

driving is quite the joy. let me tell you... 15,000 miles in 5 months... i know this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is quite a few miles, 15,000 in 5 months. I wonder if the car companies know how y'all do it. Have your mechanic unhook the odometer cable, therefore you won't be charged the $.15/mile over the yearly mileage quota. It is a national past time throughout this country....I think the car companies should get their money... DON'T YOU!!!!!!