Friday, December 08, 2006

The people I meet

I am sorry for the blogging hiatus, but last week was the week o' exam here at Michigan State. I have been totally oblivious to the world around me. I remember biking away from my last epidemiology final and realized that I hadn't given myself time to pay any attention to the people around me. It is that time of the year again when parents come to all the residence halls and pick up their children. This next month is usually odd for both parents and the new college students. There is a potpourri emotions in the air. People have spent an eye opening semester at college and feel reluctant to go back to their parents homes, while parents thought they would enjoy a peaceful house, usually start missing their children.
As a first year graduate student, this last semester was just as extraordinary first for me. There are just a few days of relaxation before I get back to the grindstone. Regardless, I am back to the virtual world of this blog.

peace and love


Anonymous said...

We were looking for you Monday night! How dare you stand us up?!?!

Khalid said...

I have a really bad excuse for this.

I am really sorry, I was really looking forward to seeing the monday night crew. I was even going to wear your socks!
I hope we can plan something fun again. I will make it up to you all.

Angela said...

What a nice picture of the little people on the windowsill! I also think you pegged the home-from-school-for-the-holidays situation pretty accurately.

Ralf said...

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Bugsy said...

it's good to meet people. in 5 1/2 months i've stayed with over 150 people, they have all introduced me to about 5 each, so i've met about 900 in the last few months.