Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Most mornings on my commute to work I encounter at least one disgruntled driver. Either they lay on their horn to get me out of their way or yell the typical "get on the side walk!" line. Only if I had the time to stop them and have a long "Same Road, Same Rules" conversation. Usually I just keep on biking quietly and it is already a bad start to a happy day.
This morning was an exception because a guy in a huge car stop next to me at a red light and was unexpectedly nice. He asked me about my commute and how I put my bike together. A few seconds later the light turned green and we both turned opposite ways. He renewed my faith in Mid-Michigan drivers.


Maggie said...

same road same rules generally means you also have to follow the rules - like not weaving between lanes or going through red lights!! boring but legal.

Khalid said...

I wear a helmet, give turn signals, and the WORKS.

I am like a safety nerd.