Monday, August 18, 2008

Men in Skirts

Photo: NYC 2008, Me in my new Skirt 

I am absolutely hooked on Google Reader! It is one of the best methods for satiating my information hunger but that is just another post for a different day. On my Google Reader feed I am subscribed to The Sartorialist and a few weeks ago Scott Schuman made a post about "men in skirts". Not unlike most of the other post on this blog this one has over a hundred comments about everything from the above / below the knee debate to whether the world is ready for men in skirts. I say the world has been ready for men in skirts for a whiel.  Men wear skirts  all over the world. It is about time we bring the trend over to the west.
I grew up in Punjab among both men and women in skirts. You say skirt - we said lungi. Lungis are worn all over South Asia and even in parts of the Middle East. Nothing is more comfortable than a loose cotton garment when the sun is blazing. 
My friend just got back from Yemen and brought me back a futa. Futas or Ma'awiis are the Yemeni version of the lungi. I wore mind around Manhattan yesterday and on my drive back to Michigan. I bared dumbfounded stares as I stepped out of the car at gas stations all across the north east. I don't care how many people stare, this is the MOST comfortable garment I own. Men in skirts = Revolution

At this occation a perfect song comes to mind. CHECK IT


Anonymous said...

oh did i forget to tell you - i submitted it to be published on google... looks like it will be there for good :o)

Anonymous said...

man i love those smileys with the nose in the middle, no?