Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Long tuesdays

I have been to all my class by now, seen all my professors and gauged out how this semester will turn out. Tuesdays will definitely be the toughest; I get done with class at 9 pm. In the middle of classes I have one-hour breaks and that is exactly enough time to hang out at a coffee shop and study. ERC

I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely love accents. It is so much more interesting to sit in a class taught by a brit. professor. Even though, they cannot donate blood because they have been in Europe too long. My epidemiology prof. had a great discussion about how data is presented. There were two graphs, both representing how much money the US had donated for the tsunami. In one graph the US had the highest bar (bar graph), based on how much money we donated. On the next slide the US was rockin' the smallest bar, based on how much money we have and how much we given to the cause. That is a great example of Brit. professors. If the person that told me that didn't have an accent I would have never remembered.

Notice: i rolled my first cigarette. It feels really good to suck on it when it is not lit. It has an amazing taste, I am sure this is not true if you start smoking.

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