Wednesday, April 20, 2005


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Since last October I have been the subject for a physiology study. MSU and Purdue university are studying the affects of old age on motor units. The hypothesis is that as you get older you have a few motor units controling many muscle, in comparison to me (control of the study) I have many motor units controlling small parts of my muscles.

So, Dr. Andary stimulated my peroneal nerve (lateral dorsal side of knee) and made my foot and lower leg move on it's own. He identified 16 motor units in 45 minutes, which is the most he has ever found in that short period of time. I need to get one of these machines in my house, so I can just work out with out ever leaving. Doesn't that sound like an add on TV "loose weight with out doing anything..... call 1800 ....


lauren said...

boy you lookin' fine in those short shorts.


Khalid said...

oh boy, You haven't seen my running shorts yet.