Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Gas masks

Gas masks
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The riots this past weekend were great photo opps. This kid is being dragged across ths street because he was taking pictures of the cops.

After a dissapointing loss to UNC thousands of students flooded the streets of Michigan State University campus. In my opinion this was was a tame gathering compared to the incredibile riots in tthe past years. It was amusing to see everyone with there telephone cameras and mini digital camera. In just three years they have become so popular.

The day after the riots I was surfing through some other blogs and this one girl mentioned:

"a rally for workers' rights draws about 100 people.
but, woah, MSU's mens team loses a basketball game and the streets are full of kids."

I definitely agree, it is very sad to notice where students our age choose to expend their energy. I can't imagine how different this world would be if we had thousands of students coming together for a better cause.


Jon Kipp said...

I couldn't agree more. crazy stuff.

Khalid said...

Thanks jon, I love getting comments!

Gino said...

Yeah, dude, like when they were/are raising tuition, cutting programs, etc. at MSU. If this was the '60s or '70s, there would be bloodshed over that kind of shit. Apathy and complacence are the mindkillers... but I really don't care that much. I wonder what's on TV...

Anonymous said...