Tuesday, February 28, 2006


PHOTOS: A walking ad

A special thanks to all the wonderful people who commetns on my last post (esp. Bugsy).
Since you all liked the pictures, I thought I would introduce you to a good photographer - friend of mine.
Bugsy and I have known each other for the past four years or so and he still continues to inspire me. He has been running Bugsy Rocker since 2002 .

His website is jam packed with great photography from his adventures, his online journal, digital art, and last but not least Daily Fruit. For the last 1600 days he given his readers daily fruit for the mind and this all comes down to 450 of novel size pages.

here are some examples

don't skip the part where you absorb everything.

winky winky, guess who's gettin' kinky.
your eyes are not beautiful for how they look, your eyes are beautiful becasue of how they see.

i'm just not very kinky when it comes to cereal.

your photography is strong everywhere that mine is weak, for that my friend, i commend you.

Shacka lacka boooom!


bugsy said...

Shacka lacka whacka!!

Gino said...

I suppose I should be asking him, but did Bugsy design / does he run his website? I am jealous. I am too lazy to get the 'Cide out of 2003...

Khalid said...

He does everything himself.
I love ginocide too!

unrelated comment said...


go to episode 10 - ninja metal

Irum said...

enjoying your time in new york?

Khalid said...

thanks Irum!!!!

Angela said...

the forces unite! i love that you guys are friends. um that's all.. have a good time & I eagerly await proof in photos of your mayhem!

Khalid said...

yes yes yes