Monday, April 10, 2006

mini canvas

Detroit, MI

Parking structure East Lansing, MI

Graffiti New York

Morill Hall East Lansing, MI

I was at an art gallery this past summer and I was listening to an artist talk about how she looks at paintings on a wall. She usually rushes up to the painting / drawing as close as possible and takes a very macroscopic view on what one part of the art piece looks like. After that she would step back slowly to see how it comes together as a whole.
There are a list of photoblogs that I visit pretty frequently to look for inspiration and also to have goals to work towards. It seems people enjoy macro photography because it is so oten that we just walk by things with out walking up to them. Especially, here at Michigan State Univ. we are surrounded by red brick buildings. It seemed appropriate to examine these mini canvases


Natalya said...

excellent photos! I especially loved the parking structure one...the leaves are adorable! Macro photography is definitely my favourite, I think because it captures the subtle details. As you said, those are the things we seem to pass by without a second thought. The details put the world into a different perspective for me...and i love that. We always talk about it...but we really should go on a photo-adventure before the semester ends!

Khalid said...

Thanks Natalya!
I am ready for a photo-adventure anytime. I think we should give ourselves an "assignment" and then head out for the adventure. Also, bikes can be incorporated into this trip.

Gino said...

Frequent updates are mandatory to keep Gino entertained. No work, no blogs makes Gino a dull boy.

Irum said...