Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Back to the US

Photo: Detroit Airport

I landed at the Detroit Airport just yesterday afternoon. My name and date of birth matched that of some big terrorist but fortunately they noticed the mismatch and cleared me from US Customs within twenty minutes or so. Also, luckily my flight left Ataturk Airport yesterday instead of today, otherwise I would have been stuck at the airport due to the fire.
It was nice to be back in the US where everyone speaks my language. It was also nice to turn on my cell phone and listen to the nice messages from my lovely friends. I have developed my pictures and I will be putting them online very soon.

stay tuned.


Ian! said...

Katie Greer was really worried about you today when she heard about the fire. She thought you were leaving there today.

Glad to hear you're back okay. I can't wait to hear about your trip.

maggie said...

turkey misses you!!
but we are all glad you got home safe. you should put up sweet pictures soon!

Julie V said...

I was worried yesterday too! I didn't know exactly which day you were coming back. Glad you missed that particular excitement.

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

Khalid said...

Ian: Katie sent me an email. She is such a nice lady! Thanks for checking up on me, both of you. I will be bak in East Lansing soon so we need to kick it . . .

"ay yo can i kick it?"

Maggie: I miss Turkey so much! I keep looking at my pictures and thinking of the good times!

Julie V: I can't wait to be back at red cross so I can tell you all about the fun times!!
I caught up on your life from you blog.