Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Michigan State University

C'dale and graffiti under a bridge on campus

I am sorry for making the update fairy so mad but things have been a little busy around Michigan State Univ. It is finally time to move out of East Lansing but I had been reserving my emotions till the very end. Last Friday after my last exam I took a late night (3am) bike ride through the empty roads of EL and made sure to look at all the beautiful things. I biked through the houses past Grand River and dropped off the last book I will borrow from the MSU library. I still don't feel like I am done here but I think that feeling will hit hard when that time comes.
It is also crazy to finally move out of my apartment after being here for the last four years. It looks so barren and in the next hour or so I will be totally moved out.

I have made such good memories here


Julie V said...

Man oh man. I remember those days. "This is the last time I will ever take a pee in Landon Hall," etc. Always sad moving away from something familiar but it's necessary to move on to the new great unknowns!

Khalid said...

As far as peeing and pooping is concerned my friend Jon did the #2 at the President's house.

maggie said...

extreme congrats are in order for graduating! yay and good job! :)

Khalid said...

Thank you maggie!

Amber said...

Khalid -

i'm so proud of you! all my congratulations... so what's next?