Wednesday, May 10, 2006

fax me

Telephones and Electronic-mail has made us all so impatient. We want to convey our message and get a reply almost instantly. If I send an email and don't get a reply within two days I assume there is a problem. For this reason I like to slow it all down once in a while and sit down with a nice fountain pen and write a letter. Many of my friends living around the world would be able to tell you that I love doing this. Writing seems unusual but soothing now that we are so used to typing almost everything from letters to english papers. In my box 'o letters I have envelopes stamped from so many countries and even more US states.
Getting a faximine comes in a close second place after snail-mail letters. Who doesn't like a fax waiting for them in the fax machine tray. About seven years ago my father purchased a fax machine for our house and this is a copy of one of the first faxes we recieved.


Irum said...

the pic... :DDDDDDD

Khalid said...

do you remember it??

Irum said...

oh yess.. totally remember it.. hahaha