Saturday, July 01, 2006

biking in the roch.

PHOTO: upper west side, Manhattan, NY NY

Rochester Hills, MI

I have been back home for the past couple of days for a family gathering and I have noticed that people in Rocheter are not used to bikers. Of course you will occasionally see a cute old couple biking along a path but not as often as one should. Especially because we have such smooth and wide sidewalks. Yesterday, my cousin and I biked over to Cold Stone but I had to pick up some film on the way. So, I asked her if we could swing by CVS. In East Lansing, I usually take my bike in every store and no one says anything. Of course, I did the same at this CVS without a thought. But I got the weirdest looks and got yelled at for brining a bike in the store. I don't think shopkeepers should be allowed to asked someone to keep their bike outside if they don't have a bike rack already set up.

خالد ابراحيم


Anonymous said...

that picture turned out so well!!

Khalid said...

Thanks :-D

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. film editing classes