Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hills to the Heights

Photo: The little things

I have been apartment hunting like a fool lately and I have had to drive all to all these places. The bike has not been getting as much love as usual. So, Yesterday I decided to go on a longer ride from Rochester hills, MI to my aunts house in Sterling Hts, MI. They were having a bbq there but once I got there I couldn't stop thinking about the ride back. I jumped on their trampoline for a bit and then headed back home to Rochester. It was about 28 miles of perfect weather and cool wind in my face. On my route there I took a really busy road and learned from my mistakes. For the trip back I found this freshly paved road and it was a much faster trip.
I had made this trip to Sterling hts in my car countless amount of times and if I never biked it, I would have never realized how beautiful it could be.

My Iman was talking about how we are always striving to be faster. Most of technology tries to improve things we do so we can do them quicker. Sometimes it is soothing to slow down just a little bit. . . . but not too slow, because walking this trip would have been brutal!

I feel a little better for the Jim and Khalid Death Ride 2006.


Irum said...

vryy cool picture.. send this to me... :)

Secret Admirer said...

Update, yo!

Khalid said...

secret admirer?

Anonymous said...

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