Thursday, July 27, 2006


Some of my family is here in the from Pakistan, so I have been driving back and forth from school. Most of the time I have NPR playing in the background, as I make these one and a half hour trips. Lately, it has been hard to blog about anything because all I hear is bombings on the other side of the world. There was a program on NPR about how infrior US news is compared to Arabian news. They seem to be a lot more comprehensive, atleast as far as this war is concerned. So, I decided to include Pakistani news in my NPR listening regiment and I agree with whoever made that comment on the radio. I am sure it is no comparison to Arab TV, but it is definitely a lot more involved than what I could have been watching on CNN.

John Steward also "slam[ed] the lebanon coverage". Although satirical, he makes such a good point about what it takes for us Americans to "feel" what is going on in the middle east.