Saturday, April 14, 2007

I need sleep

REST Summer '04

There are many things I have done on a bike, like going in my back pack and checking my pda for updates, using my cell phone, rolling up my pants or doing all those things at the same time. But today was a first, I FELL ASLEEP while biking. I use the same route to go to school every day and it has become so mechanical. I was biking to class around 9 am and for an instant my head bopped down and I was out. I woke up when I realized that I was off the road and about to go in a ditch. EEEEEK! I have no recollection of what how I got off the road. I am sure the people driving by got a nice laugh out of it.


Anonymous said...

:o( that sounds scary!

Adam said...

holy crap thats me! when did you take that?

Khalid said...

Back in the Milford days! That was during the summer I lived there.

How are you man?? I miss you.