Sunday, July 13, 2008


I work with several computer programmers and it is a perfect environment for constant exposure to tech-trivia. Many of the people working here are aspiring video game designers. I often get to hear about the newest, hippest games on the market. Even with constant advancements in game design it is nice to revert back to text-based games. You have to rely on your imagination instead of the incredibly realistic virtual environment.
I was exploring Terminal on my computer and I came across a really cool text-based game that is a part of every Macintosh operating system. On macintosh systems, Terminal opens up in a UNIX shell and if you type the following you text, you are prompted by a short discription about where you are. 
emacs -batch -l dunnet
Give it a shot and don't be affraid to type what comes to mind. You will be surprised at all the possibilities.

VIA: nethack


Irum said...

soo.. this is what u did on my BIRTHDAY.

Khalid said...

No Irum, on your birthday I had nothing but beautiful memories of you being a 'lil baby!