Saturday, July 26, 2008

Italy in America

Photo: Venice 2008

Last night I was organizing my music collection and I came across some old podcasts. I found a great NPR story about aerosol art, more specifically Paco Rosic. When he was six  his mother showed him a book of Michealangelo's work and he was stunned by the art. Paco has since dreamed of painting the Sistine chapel... talk about ambition. 
Today, at the age of 27 he owns a restaurant in Waterloo, Iowa and has a spray paint version of the Sistine Chapel covering the celing of the whole restaurant. Paco's aerosol art is about half as big as the Michealangelo's painting but the perfect back drop for an authentic Italian dining experience in Iowa.



Irum said...

This is an amazing pic :)

Irum said...
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