Monday, June 20, 2005

Oh yeah
I shaved my head
i look like vin disel except i have no muscles and i have a beard. annnd every day i wake up i realize that i am the smallest pakistani kid in the world.



k-mo said...

it is very cool to read these posts, khalid.

i hope that you are able to update more while you're on your trip.

best of luck.

k-mo said...

i don't know if my comments are showing up, but i hope that they are...

+Adam said...

Man, glad to hear you are well. Looking forward to seeing through your photographic eye. Im extreamly intrested to hear a personal account of kashmir. I have followed that story for some time now but you can never tell how much it effects people from reading a magazine or essay. Best of luck and lots of love.

Khalid said...

Dude, Your comments are definitey showing up. While i am in pakistan i can't post pictures becaues they charge a lot of money to upload or download things at the cyber cafe. In Saudi arabia it was a lot easier to just hook up my own laptop.

I am getting so much first hand information about everything here. there is so much i want to talk to you about regarding how skewed some of the information is in the US.
hopefully the pictures will come out nice. they develop them here for only 3 american dollars and that includes a small photo album.