Friday, June 17, 2005


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On the way to Makkah from Madina my brother, my father and I started our Umrah. The Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage compared to the well known Hajj. All the men wear two pieces of seamless cloth, one around the waist and the other over the shoulders.

Tomorrow will be our last day here in Saudi arabia and then we will move on to Pakistan. Even though we are all excited to meet our family in paki-land, no one really wants to leave saudi arabia.

I also met a guy from Kashmir (indian side) today. It was one of the most engaging conversations I have had since I have been here. I am sure it is really frustrating for him to see no resolution to this drawn out issue.



Ms. J Koch said...

Dearest Khalid,
Your experience looks to be amazing! I am so eager to read more of your trip and I could not be more happy for you. Envy is filling my finger tips as I type to you a whole world away.
Watching a man read the Quran in braile is such a beautiful thing to see. I do believe that there are beautiful things in all places and it is only a matter of finding them. However, beautiful things can be easier to see than others. People take for granted the beautiful things they can see but others know when to open their eyes.
Having a conversation with a man from Kashmir would be more than fascinating. It sounds that you were able to make a connnection with him. I hope you are writing every bit down.
I am glad to see your pictures, they are lovely. I wish you and your family well on your travels and I hope they are safe. I look forward to talking to you when you come home.

X in the City said...

Khalid!! That is so weird that you IMed me at 7am cause I woke up at that time for no reason, even though I went to bed at 230am! I miss you so much. It sounds like you are having an amazing time. I might never see you again until Labor Day cause I am moving July 12 and you said you might come home late. :::TEARS:::



Khalid said...

Both of you are making me so freakin' happy by commenting. I didn't know if anyone was even reading this blog. I can't express in words how much I miss you guys. X I need to see you so i will try my freakin' best to make it to your bash. j K: you rock my freakin' world. I cant wait to show you all the pictures i am taking here. My brother is a great person to travel with and we get to do all the crazy things we want. today we took our servant's bikes and went for a ride on the town. I have shaved my head so i need it to start matching my face. it is pretty much white right now and my face is dark.
Peace and love