Thursday, June 16, 2005

arabian nights

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It took almost 26 hours to get to the hotel in Madina from Rochester. Of course I had to go through the special treatment at the american airports. When we got to Saudi Arabia the person who was supposed check our bags was busy sending text messages, so we just walked through. It feels good to be among other people with dark skin and beards.
So far we have spent 2 nights in Madina and two nights in Makkah. The weather is absolutely perfect, about 90 deg. I am a little nervous about Pakistan because it is supposed to be 110 degrees there. People are really friendly, both days I was in Madina someone took me out for chai. I am getting a little addicted . . . If you talk to someone for 5 minutes they will probably offer you dates and chai.
I have been taking some fun pictures and I can't wait to show them to you guys. I saw a guy reading the Quran in Braile today. It is hard enough to read arabic in print and this guy was reading faster then me using his fingers.

I love the desert!

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