Thursday, June 23, 2005


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Life in Pakistan is wonderful. The heat is definitely testing how true I am to my roots. 30 people died yesterday because of the heat and summer is just getting started. You should be happy to hear that I am not letting it hold me back. I went for a 10 mile bike ride through the rolling hills of Islamabad a few days ago.

I am blogging from a cyber cafe, or should I say "DSL cafe". There is a huge INTEL INSIDE sign outside and I feel like a I shouldn't be here. Inside there are small cubicles and they already have an ashtray and matches ready. This is a smoker's paradise.

It is really annoying to be waited on constantly. The servants don't let you do anything. Today was the first time I stepped in the kitchen and I was trying to make an omelate and people came running and snatched the pan from my hand. We only enter the dining room when food is ready and everyone sits down and people wait on you, for every freakin' meal! I am not used to this lifestyle anymore, but I guess I should enjoy it while I am here.


X in the City said...

Remember when you biked me to the bar like a servant. I miss our "adventures" and I am reeeeaaally sad that we can't have another one before I leave.
: (

Khalid said...

i am a slaaaaave foooor you