Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Hard Lessons

I hate to complain but for the last week I haven't done much more than study, go to Red Cross, and go to the lab. If is nice to know that all I needed for a quick recharge was some good music. I biked to Mac's from Campus, and got rocked the frick out by The Hard Lessons.
I think many students start getting sentimental on there final lap to graduation. This band will always bring back memories of good ole' East Lansing,MI. When I was a sophomore, I was assistant coordinator (along with my friend Alex) of Common Grounds Coffee house in the basment of our Hall. We were low on our funds and we got Augie (the Hard lessons guitarist/vocalist)with his old band to come play a show, and our budget went back up to normal. We packed the venue.
Good Times.
Thank you for the Music.

PS In some news for everyone who has left MSU behind.
Theio's (local diner) now has Wireless internet!


Angela said...

That's the best news I've heard in years! (Theio's wireless)


it is too bad you couldn't go to their show this weekend. keep me posted about when another is and i will gladly go