Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i got tagged

PHOTO: I haven't been taking pictures lately, I will get right on that.

Four Jobs I've Had:
1. Pizza Hut: Waiter/shift manager
2. I worked at a book store for a month, mad discount
3. College of Human Med. : Clerk
4. American Red Cross: caseworker

Four Movies I Can Watch Repeatedly:
1. Jimi Hendrix live at the fillmore east 1970 (concert dvd)
2. Rage Against the Machine (live shows)
3. Lost in Translation
4. Valley Girl

Four Places I've Lived:
1. Gilgit, Pakisan (Just south of the Himalayas)
2. Rawalpindi, Pakistan
3. Rochester Hills, MI
4. East Lansing, MI

Four TV Shows I Love:
1. N/A (I killed my TV)
2. N/A (You should...
3. N/A ...kill yours too..
4. N/A .... it feels good)

Four Places I've Vacationed:
1. Himalayas, Pakistan
2. Aspen, Colorado
3. Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia
4. Islamabad, Pakistan (while I was living in the US)

Four of My Favorite Dishes:
1. Bhindi (Okra Paki Style)
2. The Omi Maki II roll at OMI in East Lansing
3. Bell's Samosas
4. Veggie Lasagna

Four Sites I Visit Daily:
1. NY times
2. BBC news

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. Saudi Arabia!
3. Pakistan
4. Riding my bike instead of sitting here



Irum said...

this is really cool

4 places i'de rather be than here...PAKISTAN yeaaaah.

Anonymous said...

khaaaalid? i read your blog!!! only because i have stink eye... they may need to operate. i find out friday

Khalid said...


Way to read the blog!
I just found out that my cousin reads it too.
I got your e-mail about the eye problem.
Regardless of what the problem is, it is definitely
pending some kind of treatment.
I will pray that it all works out for the best.


Anonymous said...

Place you would rather be right now : NEW JERSEY, chillin' with the cool counsins 8-)

Anonymous said...

Good one Khalid. nice to know about you.

Julie V said...

Um, according to your business card that's SENIOR caseworker. Let's try to be accurate. :)

Khalid said...

hey hey!
My friend Kevin and I are going to be in NYC for the first weekend of March. Would my two lovely cousins be able to meet me there?
ask your parents . . . or . . . should I suggest sneaking out!

Irum said...

woahh...way too many "anonymous" people. u guys need to get blogs. :)

Khalid said...

Vandenboom: I feel so pretentious adding the "senior" to the title. But when others say it, I can't complain ; )

PS I pass out atleast 5 cards a day. I am about to run out of friends to give it to.

IRUM: update more. Especially, on days you have a "headache" and can't make it to school. SUCKA!

Irum said...

lol..i will. and actually i havent missed a day of school this whole month. :) u should be proud of me.

do this with your gerbils said...

when did you change your picture?!?!?!

liz said...

hey, I miss maggie, and I miss you!! also how much are international text messages?

Khalid said...

I have Verizon and if I were to send one out
it would cost me $0.25.
My parents send a bunch to Pakistan, so that is how I know.

Julie V said...

Dude, The Sparrow is ruling. I started it yesterday and am almost done with it. What do you think of it?! You said there's a sequel?!

Khalid said...

I have been reading this weekend and I am not that far into it because I was with my family for most of the time. I like it so far. It is amazing how fast you read books! I need to get to that level.
Did you know that Mary Russell is coming to town. I will let you know when that happens. Maybe you can get your book signed.
The Sequel to The Sparrow is Children of God.

Julie V said...

Yeah, I read pretty fast when I like a book but I realize later that I don't always comprehend everything... when I used to have to read for school I would have to make a very serious effort to slow down.

I just requested Children of God from the library and I'm going to suggest the Sparrow to my book group as well. I'd love to hear Mary Russell speak!

Anonymous said...

Good to know more about you Khalid.


gwadzilla said...

quite a list
helps me to know you better

name your four favorite make out albums
oh, sorry.... I am old
name your four favorite make out CD.

1-bryan ferry: boys and girls

hold on
those were make out albums when I was 19
oh yea
I am old, married, and do't play make out albums any more

gwadzilla said...

I love the Himalaya as well
Aspen is also wonderful, in the winter or the summer

maybe I will get to visit the full list later in life
(well, the next three of the four)

Khalid said...

I have only visited aspen in the summers. I am not much of a snow sports kind of guy.

I need to find a reason to love the snow

Help me!